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Best Urgent Care Clinic for Car Accidents & Work Injuries in Portland, OR

We've Successfully Treated 1,000's Of Car Accident &

 Work Injury Patients Without Cost To Them.

 Let Us Help You, Too!

"Best customer service I have ever experienced. Pleasant atmosphere. The staff are very attentive and professional. If you have been hurt, this is a great place for therapy."

 - Jamal W.

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Our chiropractic doctors, acupuncturists and massage therapists are among the best of their field for the Portland, Oregon area.  Auto & Work Injury Center specializes in handling car accident and bicycle-car accident patients. Our doctors have successfully treated 1,000's of car accident patients.  We've been designing successful treatment plans for whiplash, neck pain, upper back, mid back, lower back pain, headaches, extremity pain and disc injury for 15 years.





Other inexperienced chiropractors and massage therapists may not fully grasp the complex implications that can accompany larger injuries.  With over 30 years of combined experience, our office can help you navigate the headaches that come with having an accident.   We know what to expect and enjoy helping to reduce our patients problems, whether from the insurance company or otherwise.






Work injuries happen every day.  If you have had a recent work injury, give our office a call to set up an examination.  Our specialists work together to minimize your lost time at work. and to get you back to normal.  We have all the necessary forms for you to start treatment today.  Recent injuries do not need a referral.  If it has been over 2 months from the day of your accident, call our office so that we can guide you as to what to do to be seen.



We help our patients file the proper claims in order to be covered for a car accident or work injury.  It is mandatory to have worker's compensation and auto insurance in Oregon.  Treatment at our office is typically covered 100% by either the patient's car insurance or worker's compensation (No out of pocket).   We also work under attorney liens, if necessary.     The goal of Auto and Work Injury Center is to remove as much of the stress from you as possible.










*  5-Star Google Reviews

*  No Referral Necessary

*  2x's Faster Than Hospital ER

*  Walk-Ins Welcome, Minimal Waiting

*  We Handle All Claim Details For Stress-Free

    100% Coverage For Auto & Work Accidents

*  15 Years Experience Specializing In Auto &

    Work Injury Treatment

*  Diverse Therapy Spread: Massage, Physical

    Therapy, Acupuncture And Chiropractic

"I was referred here after a car accident and they have been wonderful. I'm lucky I have a great team of specialists here to help me in my recovery. I would recommend them to anyone. Wonderful experience!."


- Alexandrea W.


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